Why 20/20 Window Cleaning?

20/20 Window Cleaning has invested in and employs a state-of-the-art pure water filtration system. This provides super purified and deionized water that is pumped up an ultra light carbon fiber pole equipped with a soft scrub brush on the end. The windows are scrubbed, rinsed and left to dry naturally. Because there are no impurities in the water, the windows dry absolutely crystal clear.

This allows us to more easily clean more frequently... as often as every month, if you like. This system provides a number of other benefits:

  • 95% of the time we work from the ground level. Rarely do we need ladders! This means we can work safely on your property and no ladder damage to your home or garden.

  • Increased privacy for you. Because we rarely need ladders, you won’t be seeing our heads pop up in upper bedroom and bathroom windows.

  • No chemicals or detergents used to clean. Environmentally friendly. It’s aggressive, but it’s still just water!

  • Superior cleaning results. Ultra pure water leaves no residue on the windows.

  • In addition to the glass, we clean the windowsill and frame. This means a much better clean for you!

  • Because it makes us more efficient at cleaning, we are in and out in a fraction of the time. This means less disruption to you and your family.

  • In the wintertime, we continue to work utilizing our pure water so you can enjoy crystal clear windows and the views of our beautiful Utah winter landscapes.

20/20 Window Cleaning is a licensed and insured window cleaning company which means that we're serious about our business. We will ALWAYS treat your home or business with the utmost care and respect, but should we break or damage your home or property in some way, we will restore or replace it as promptly as we can.

We offer a quarterly window cleaning service.

This is our most popular service frequency. It is a great sweet spot for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. This service is really for folks who are passionate about having clean windows.

Here's how it works:

We will come each quarter of the year and clean the exterior windows and then we will also come once per year to clean the interior windows as well. And because of the pure water equipment that we use, we are able to offer this all to you at just a little more than what most people are used to paying for a semi annual service.