Cleaning in Inclement Weather

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And you thought that just applied to the postman. Well, think again. Often, our schedule requires that we clean in "less-than-ideal" weather conditions.... like when it's a bit windy, raining or snowing etc. While our first and foremost priority is to stay safe, we have found that we are able to clean in most weather conditions without problems... perhaps some chilly fingers... but that's about all. 

What about the quality of the cleaning, you ask? Most of us are also conditioned into thinking that we shouldn't get our windows cleaned when it's going to rain or snow, and certainly wouldn't think of getting them cleaned IN THE RAIN OR SNOW. Well, all it takes is a little understanding of what make windows dirty.

In a word, it's DUST. Dust is what makes windows dirty, not rain. 

If there is a light to medium rain or snow, we will still come out to clean the windows. What we have found is that after we have removed the dirt from the windows during our cleaning process, there is nothing left behind for snow or rainwater to bind to. So when the rain or snow stops falling and the windows dry out, they dry absolutely crystal clear. It's really pretty cool to see it actually happen.

Sometimes the rain or snow may contains some impurities, so in the event that spotting does occur after a rain or snowstorm, we offer our "Storm Guarantee." Please click here for details on our "policies" page.