Cleaning in Rain, Snow or Wind

Rain or snow are not what make windows dirty, dust that has settled on the windows does. Rarely does the weather prohibit us from cleaning. Therefore, unless the weather creates a safety concern, we will come and clean. We DO NOT reschedule based on weather forecasts. They are simply too unreliable. If you are scheduled for a cleaning and it is pouring rain and very windy, please feel free to call us to reschedule. We retain the right to reschedule because of inclement weather.

Painting and/or Remodeling In Between Cleanings

We love 'em, but painters, drywall workers, and stucco/cement workers are notorious for leaving a bit of mess on windows. So, we will charge more for paint spatter/overspray and construction debris removal if you have painting or remodeling done in between scheduled cleanings.

Hard Water Accumulation In Between Cleanings

Like the mystery of disappearing socks in the dryer, it seems like no matter how much you adjust your sprinkler heads to spray away from your ground level windows, the water still finds a way to get back on to the glass. We see a lot of this, and even with frequent cleanings, our good ol' Utah hard water can still accumulate on the glass in between cleanings. If it's minor accumulation, we might just go ahead and take care of it for you at no cost, but if it's pretty bad, we charge extra for restoring the glass back to its like-new condition.

Storm Guarantee

When it's all said and done, we want you to have clean windows too! So, to that end, for our residential customers, we offer a storm guarantee where we will come and touch up exterior windows that get dirty during/after a storm, generally at least three days. Please note that for our Quarterly Service customers, this guarantee is extended to a FULL TWO WEEKS! All you need to do is to give us a call and we will come clean those windows that got dirty within the time allotted based on your cleaning frequency.

***The Fine Print***

Pest Control/Yard Fertilization

Please note that we will charge at least our minimum of $90 to come and "touch-up clean" any residue on windows that comes from spraying fertilizer and/or pest control products in between regularly scheduled cleanings or after single or initial cleanings.