Window Cleaning Frequency

Most of us have been conditioned to have our windows cleaned once or twice per year. Or worse, when they're so dirty that we can't really see out of them any more. 20/20 Window Cleaning is here to change all that, but it requires people to change their thinking about how dirty are dirty windows. We offer a quarterly window cleaning service, our premium and most popular service, so that your windows never really get to the point where you realize that they are dirty. In Europe, many homeowners have their windows cleaned every two weeks, but that is just the culture there. We have found that every three months seems to be the optimal frequency here so that the windows never SEEM really dirty. We guarantee, however, that you'll notice a difference after we come!

We will come as often as you like, whether it is 1X/year, 2X/year, quarterly or even monthly. Call us to discuss what options might be right for you! 

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