Tips for Protecting Your Windows

Windows are some of the most expensive features in a home and it's important to protect your investment. Because we offer glass restoration services, we often get calls from some very frustrated homeowners and home builders dealing with damaged glass. And we've seen some real nightmare situations...because glass wasn't properly protected during the construction or remodeling phase.

Many contractors and subcontractors don't understand how fragile windows can be and think that the window cleaners will be able to remove whatever debris they get on the glass. This is not always true, especially if the damage has already been done.

There's the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure." With that in mind, here are a few tips to protect your windows so they will look and perform great for as many years as possible.

  1. If you have new windows installed, save the contact and warranty information of the company that you purchased the windows from in case you need to repair them or file a warranty claim, which is typically for 10 years from when they were purchased.

  2. If you EVER have ANY kind of remodeling or construction done in, or outside, your house, make sure that any windows that are anywhere near where subcontractors are working ARE IN SOME WAY FULLY PROTECTED. If your remodel includes installing new windows, order them with a protective plastic film already on the glass. This will protect against most kinds of construction debris, with the exception of metal work...see below.

    1. Types of work to look out for...any kind of concrete/stucco work, painting, drywall work, and ANY kind of work with metal (welding, grinding etc). Damage from these kinds of work are what we most commonly see.

  3. Adjust sprinklers so that they do not spray on to windows, or better yet, install soaker hoses or tubing to minimize water that gets aerosolized. Hard water deposits can permanently damage glass and restoration or replacement is expensive.

  4. If you are planning to build a house or do any kind of remodel where you are installing new windows, order them with a protective plastic coating and make sure that it is not removed until all construction work is complete. This protective film is great for protecting against most debris except for metal work. Sparks from grinding and/or sanding along with welding slag can melt right through this protective coating, as well as paper. So, make sure that the glass is appropriately protected for the kind of work that is happening. It's more expensive to take the time to protect the glass, but worth it in the us.

  5. Last, but not least...hire a trusted professional to clean your windows. Having your windows cleaned by someone just because they are "cheap" is usually not a great idea. Check their reviews, how long they've been in business and if they have liability insurance just to make sure they're serious about their business and work.

Windows are really an amazing invention. They are designed to provide a great view to the outdoors and to keep your house insulated against heat and cold. By doing these simple things mentioned above, you can properly protect your investment and you'll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.