The Birds and the Bees and Window Screens

Screens are an enemy to clean windows and a clear view. They collect dirt that gets deposited on the glass underneath the screen making it significantly dirtier than a window with no screen. As a window cleaning company, we would prefer to leave the view through your windows as uninhibited as possible by removing screens, but we understand there is a reason for them. They can help keep out insects, but ask yourself these two questions...
1) Do I open every window in my house, or is it just a few?
2) When I do open windows, is it really during times of the year where there are a lot of flying bugs?"
Screens effectively block insects, leaves, debris etc. but they also block, or interrupt, a person's view out that window. We frequently clean screens as part of our window cleaning services, but there is an extra cost for doing so. By removing them, or some of them, we can offer better pricing for our window cleaning services and a better view for you.